WBGG Big 105.9 Miami's Classic Rock Boxset
 : WBGG Big 105.9 Miami's Classic Rock Boxset

by: Paul & Young Ron's Hits Collection

Binding: Audio CD
EAN: 0677692707069
Item Dimensions: 4550025575
Languages: EnglishUnknown
Number Of Discs: 4
Number Of Items: 4
Publication Date: November 27, 2007
Release Date: November 20, 2007

Disc 1:
  1. Moe Fugger Matt Liquor: Liquor? I Hardly Know Her!
  2. Brownfingers: Could You Imagine a Club That Catered to the "Nether Regi
  3. Kim Fitzgerald: Sorry, Weong Number. A Paul & Young Ron Classic.
  4. Redundant Propuse: Newman Ron Brewer Shows Why He's the Best.
  5. The New York Song: What Would We Do Without New Yorkers?
  6. Pinky Canoe. The Olympic Star with a Frozen Muff.
  7. Paul and Ron Sleep Together: "Those Aren't Pillows! "
  8. Hannibal's Looking for Some "Finger Food?" Try This Popular New Restaur
  9. Paul Does R. Kelly: R & B Star R. Kelly Has Had Some Trouble with Young
  10. Troy Aikmen: No Ill Effects from All Thos Concussions? Are You Sure?
  11. Paul, Young Ron and Toast Take the Us Citizenship Quiz. God Help Us All
  12. Iron Chef: Can You Smell What Paul & Young Ron Are Cooking?
  13. Beans Get Snake Bitten: Far and Away, The Meanest Thing We Ever Did to
  14. Silicone Soiree: Those Crazy Housewives, What'll They Think of Next?
  15. Cam Wouldyablowme! A Summer Camp for Boys, Manned by Priests. Run for Y
  16. Real South Florida Heroes: Today We Salute You, Mr. French Canadian in
  17. Trapeze 2 Lounge. Swing on by Sometime.
  18. Paul & Young Ron's Award Winning Pothead Jeopardy. Play Along at Home.
  19. Vagismell: What's That You're Wearing?
  20. Censorship Missy (One of Our Biggest Fans!)
  21. Dr. Harry Treats. See What T.I.T.S. Really Stands For.
  22. "Rod Goodenstiff" Olympic Pole-Vaulter.
  23. Teacher Does Student: More Fun in Broward County Schools! (A Paul and R
  24. Crocodile Hunter on South Beach. Crikey! It's a Bonzer.
  25. Jackie's Song: A Tribute to One of the Hottest Weather Babes in the His
Disc 2:
  1. Hurricane
  2. Wannastedt's Resignation Bombs
  3. Bernard Follicle
  4. Dick's Sex Tow Flea Market
  5. Lisa Iampanelli, The Queen of Mean
  6. Gay Love Boat
  7. Fun with Sound Bytes-Martha Stewart Orgy
  8. Average Ho
  9. Paul Calls a Horse Race
  10. The Weather Channel
  11. Where Will Ivan Go
  12. Sun-Yi Reads Clinton's Memoirs
  13. Adopt a White Person
  14. Drunk Pilots
  15. It's Hurtful
  16. Meanwhile at the FBI
  17. Fun with Sound Bytes-Bush "Nukular"
  18. Bush & Kerry Drop Bombs
  19. Howard Dean's "Insane in the Campaign"
  20. Hurricane Jeannie
  21. Mr. Ued-To-Be-A-GM Guy
  22. Marino
  23. Pacino Calls Paris Hilton
  24. NBC Gay Comedy Block
  25. Governor McGreevy
  26. Masturbation
  27. Dick's Kiddie Tattoo Parlor
  28. Macho Comacho Interview
  29. Fun with Sound Bytes-Paul Harvey Sells Pot
  30. R. Kelly's Summer Camp
  31. Eulogies
  32. The Paul & Young Ron Remix
  33. Halloween Prank [*]
Disc 3:
  1. Billy Joel Hit Marie's House
  2. Ricky Williams "Because I Got High"
  3. Coming or Going
  4. Splash Zone
  5. Chinese Connection
  6. None of Your Damn Business
  7. Taser Your Kids at Home Kit
  8. Taser Lady
  9. Pool Table Prank Call
  10. Holiday Cops
  11. Helium Friday
  12. Steve Spurrier's Press Conference
  13. Grape Squash Lady-Sound Byte of the Year
  14. Jay Mohr Does Our Favorite Movies
  15. Week 1-Terry Schiavo
  16. Week 2-Erectile Disfunction
  17. Week 3-Shaq's Stomach Flu
  18. Week 4-Cruise Ship Rap
  19. Week 5-Twin Cansecos
  20. Week 6-Intimate Dryness
  21. Week 7-Paula Abdul
  22. Week 8-Star Wars
  23. Week 9-Tom Cruise
  24. Week 10-Wild Card Round
  25. Young Ron Brewer Wins American Idiots
Disc 4:
  1. To Catch a Pedophile
  2. Attack of Aries Spears
  3. Anal Mints
  4. Ron's Water Balls
  5. Scrotal-Tuckundame
  6. Frank Caliendo
  7. Newsman at the Urinal
  8. Ronstar
  9. Lisa Lampanelli Roasts Jenners
  10. Bob Mayer Is Sick
  11. Dropping the Maverick
  12. Lamontia
  13. Kicked in the Nuts
  14. Redneck Rapper
  15. The TV Smash
  16. Spank Me Mommy
  17. Housecalls with the Good Dr.
  18. Springbling Chocolate Party
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Product Description:
WBGG s Paul and Young Ron s Hits Collection Boxset

South Florida s (Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and the Palm Beaches) only Classic Rock station invites you to get a piece of history The Paul and Young Ron 4 CD Boxset commemorative CDs. The biggest moments showcasing 3 prior released sold out CDs and all new album just in time for the holidays. This boxset is only available for a limited time only.
Content includes over 25 tracks per CD (100 in total)
Special Interviews from the past years
Special Bits
Greatest moments

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