100 Sound Effects 2
 : 100 Sound Effects 2

by: Various Artists

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Binding: Audio CD
EAN: 0777966608020
Label: Premium Music Coll.
Manufacturer: Premium Music Coll.
MPN: AManPro-0025456
Publisher: Premium Music Coll.
Release Date: May 19, 1998
Studio: Premium Music Coll.

Disc 1:
  1. A. Belch/B. Gargle/C. Hiccup
  2. A. Sigh 1/B. Sigh 2/C. Sigh 3
  3. A. Sneeze 1/B. Sneeze 2/C. Sneeze 3/D. Sneeze 4/E. Sneeze 5/F. ...
  4. A. Sniff 1/B. Sniff 2
  5. A. Cough 1/B. Cough 2/C. Cough 3/D. Cough 4/E. Coughing/F. Cough Clear
  6. A. Laugh/B. Raspberry
  7. Snoring
  8. A. Snigger 1/B. Snigger 2/C. Snigger Long
  9. A. Baby Crying 1/B. Baby Crying 2/C. Baby Crying 3/D. Baby Crying 4/E.
  10. A. Woman Scream/B. Scream
  11. A. Hurt/B. Animal Hurt
  12. A. Punch Hit/B. Punch/C. Punch-Woosh
  13. Run on Gravel
  14. A. Corridor 1/B. Corridor 2/C. Busy Corridor/D. Long Corridor
  15. Walk on Snow
  16. A. Applause 1/B. Applause 2
  17. A. Water Hole/B. Water Hole 2
  18. Dawn Chorus
  19. A. Birds 1/B. Birds 2/C. Birds 3
  20. A. Bird Call 1/B. Bird Call 2/C. Bird Call 3/D. Bird Call 4/E. ...
  21. A. Birds Singing 1/B. Birds Singing 2
  22. Bird Squawk
  23. A. Peacock 1/B. Peacock 2/C. Peacock 3/D. Peacock 4/E. Peacock 5
  24. A. Cockerell/B. Cockerells
  25. Seabirds
  26. A. Echo 1/B. Echo 2/C. Echo Rev.
  27. Aggressive Bird
  28. A. Big Cat 1/B. Big Cat 2/C. Lion 1/D. Lion 2
  29. A. Gorilla/B. Monkey
  30. A. Monkeys 1/B. Monkeys 2/C. Monkeys 3/D. Monkeys 4
  31. A. Dog Bark 1/B. Dog Bark 2/C. Dog Bark 3
  32. A. Cow/B. Pig/C. Pig Squeal
  33. Horse Nay
  34. Horses Walking
  35. Horse Gallup
  36. Seals Playing
  37. Seals Playing
  38. Whale Breath
  39. Tapir's Bath
  40. Bees
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