Mascagni: Cavalleria rusticana - Leoncavallo: Pagliacci / David Parry
 : Mascagni: Cavalleria rusticana - Leoncavallo: Pagliacci / David Parry

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from: Alliance

Audience Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Binding: Audio CD
EAN: 0095115300527
Item Dimensions: 12550067575
Label: Alliance
Languages: EnglishUnknown
Manufacturer: Alliance
Number Of Discs: 2
Number Of Items: 2
Publisher: Alliance
Release Date: February 22, 2000
Studio: Alliance

Disc 1:
  1. Cavalleria Rusticana: Prld - LPO/David Parry
  2. Cavalleria Rusticana: Siciliana: 'Oh, Lola, With Your Skin White As The Lily' - Dennis O'Neill
  3. Cavalleria Rusticana: Prld (Conclusion) - LPO/David Parry
  4. Cavalleria Rusticana: 'Ah! Ah!' - Geoffrey Mitchell Chor
  5. Cavalleria Rusticana: Chor: 'Spring Has Returned' - Geoffrey Mitchell Chor
  6. Cavalleria Rusticana: Scene And Alfio's Song: 'Tell Me, Mamma Lucia' - Nelly Miricioiu/Elizabeth Bainbridge
  7. Cavalleria Rusticana: Scene And Alfio's Song: 'Horses Champing At The Bit' - Phillip Joll/Geoffrey Mitchell Chor
  8. Cavalleria Rusticana: Scene And Prayer: 'Good For You, Mister Alfio' - Elizabeth Bainbridge/Phillip Joll/Nelly Miricioiu
  9. Cavalleria Rusticana: Scene And Prayer: 'I Must Be Going!' - Phillip Joll/Geoffrey Mitchell Chor/Nelly Miricioiu/Elizabeth Bainbridge
  10. Cavalleria Rusticana: Romance And Scene: 'You Know Your Son, Turiddu' - Nelly Miricioiu/Elizabeth Bainbridge
  11. Cavalleria Rusticana: Scene: 'What Do You Want, Santuzza?' - Dennis O'Neill/Nelly Miricioiu
  12. Cavalleria Rusticana: Lola's Song: 'Sweet Flow'rs I Bring You' - Diana Montague/Dennis O'Neill/Nelly Miricioiu
  13. Cavalleria Rusticana: 'No, No, Turiddu' - Nelly Miricioiu/Dennis O'Neill
  14. Cavalleria Rusticana: 'Oh! So My Prayer Has Been Answered!' - Nelly Miricioiu/Phillip Joll
  15. Cavalleria Rusticana: 'I'd Like To Thank You' - Phillip Joll/Nelly Miricioiu
  16. Cavalleria Rusticana: Intermezzo - LPO/David Parry
  17. Cavalleria Rusticana. Scene: Chor And Brindisi: 'The Service Is Over This Easter' - Geoffrey Mitchell Chor/Dennis O'Neill/Diana Montague
  18. Cavalleria Rusticana. Scene: Chor And Brindisi: 'Neighbours, With A Glass I Meet You' - Dennis O'Neill/Geoffrey Mitchell Chor/Diana Montague
  19. Cavalleria Rusticana: Finale: 'All The Blessings Of Easter!' - Phillip Joll/Geoffrey Mitchell Chor/Dennis O'Neill/Diana Montague
  20. Cavalleria Rusticana: Finale: 'Alfio, Listen' - Dennis O'Neill/Phillip Joll/Elizabeth Bainbridge
  21. Cavalleria Rusticana: Finale: 'The Wine Is Making Me Talk Nonsense' - Dennis O'Neill/Elizabeth Bainbridge/Nelly Miricioiu/Diana Montague/Geoffrey Mitchell Chor
Disc 2:
  1. Pagliacci: Prologue: 'Hello... Hello...' - Alan Opie
  2. Pagliacci: Act I, Chor: 'Hey! They're Back! They're Back!' - Geoffrey Mitchell Chor/The Peter Kay Children's Chor/Dennis O'Neill/Peter Bronder
  3. Pagliacci: Act I, Aria: 'Your Most Humble Servant' - Dennis O'Neill/Geoffrey Mitchell Chor/The Peter Kay Children's Chor/Alan Opie/Peter Bronder
  4. Pagliacci: Act I, Cantabile: 'If He Tried It, I Promise You' - Dennis O'Neill/Rosa Mannion/Geoffrey Mitchell Chor/The Peter Kay Children's Chor
  5. Pagliacci: Act I, Chor: 'Do You Hear Them Playing?' - Geoffrey Mitchell Chor/The Peter Kay Children's Chor/Dennis O'Neill
  6. Pagliacci: Act I, Intro: 'The Ugly Look He Gave Me!' - Rosa Mannion
  7. Pagliacci: Act I, Aria: 'Swallow, Fly Away' - Rosa Mannion
  8. Pagliacci: Act I, Duet: 'It's You! I Thought That You Had Gone With Canio' - Rosa Mannion/Alan Opie
  9. Pagliacci: Act I, Duet: 'Nedda!' - William Dazeley/Rosa Mannion
  10. Pagliacci: Act I, Duet: 'Why Do You Go On With This Tormented Life?' - William Dazeley/Rosa Mannion
  11. Pagliacci: Act I, Duet: 'I Must Be Strong' - Rosa Mannion/William Dazeley/Alan Opie
  12. Pagliacci: Act I, Duet: 'How Can You Tell Me You Ever Loved Me' - William Dazeley/Rosa Mannion
  13. Pagliacci: Act I, Scene And Finale: 'Be Very Careful, And Then We Can Surprise Them' - Alan Opie/William Dazeley/Rosa Mannion/Dennis O'Neill/Peter Bronder
  14. Pagliacci: Act I, Intro: 'Go On Stage' - Dennis O'Neill
  15. Pagliacci: Act I, Aria: 'Put On Your Costume' - Dennis O'Neill
  16. Pagliacci: Act I, Intermezzo - LPO/David Parry
  17. Pagliacci: Act II, Chor: 'Ohe! Ohe! Quickly! Hurry!' - Geoffrey Mitchell Chor/The Peter Kay Children's Chor/Alan Opie/Peter Bronder/William Dazeley...
  18. Pagliacci: Act II, The Play: 'Pagliaccio, That's My Husband' - Rosa Mannion/Peter Bronder
  19. Pagliacci: Act II, Ser: 'Oh, Columbina' - Peter Bronder/Rosa Mannion
  20. Pagliacci: Act II, Ser: 'She's Waiting. She Is A Goddess!' - Alan Opie/Rosa Mannion/Peter Bronder
  21. Pagliacci: Act II, Ser: 'Arlecchin!' 'Columbina' - Rosa Mannion/Peter Bronder/Alan Opie
  22. Pagliacci: Act II, Ser: 'Pour The Potion In His Glass At Midnight!' - Peter Bronder/Rosa Mannion/Dennis O'Neill/Alan Opie
  23. Pagliacci: Act II, Aria: 'No, We're Not In A Play!' - Dennis O'Neill/Geoffrey Mitchell Chor/The Peter Kay Children's Chor/William Dazeley/Rosa Mannion...
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Editorial Review:
While occasionally the bel canto operas sound odd in English, here we have a pair of verismo operas, which do not rely on the type of mellifluousness that bel canto requires. The translations avoid silly archaisms and convey the flavor of the dramas vividly. "If ever he discovered, he'd beat me like a dog," Pagliacci's Nedda sings even more pointedly than the direct translation "Oh, if he caught meĀ /He's so brutal..."; and Turiddu's "The very sight of you disgusts me" in Cavalleria Rusticana weighs even more than "I pay no attention to your anger," which could have very easily been substituted. These operas really work in English. Dennis O'Neill is the Canio and Turiddu, and he's equally exciting as both. His diction is exemplary, and the strain put on his voice at forte above the staff seems to suit the characters. The wonderful Nelly Miricioiu is a fine Santuzza, but the role requires, at times, a fiercer middle register and more ferocious exclamatory skills than she can muster. Phillip Joll's Alfio is fittingly crude: he makes the best of his duet with Santuzza. In Pagliacci, Alan Opie's Tonio is towering from his very first "Hello" (a nice substitute for "Si puo?") through his cowering, nasty asides to his final vengeance. Rosa Mannion pulls out all the stops as Nedda. Throughout both operas, David Parry never rushes the action (these are the slowest Cav and Pag on the market), but he leads with an inner tension that guides both works to their inevitable tragic conclusions. The others in both casts, the Geoffrey Mitchell Choir, and the London Philharmonic are all first-rate. --Robert Levine

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