Purcell - King Arthur / Gens, McFadden, Piau, S. Waters, J. Best, Padmore, Paton, Salomaa, Les Arts Florissants, Christie
 : Purcell - King Arthur / Gens, McFadden, Piau, S. Waters, J. Best, Padmore, Paton, Salomaa, Les Arts Florissants, Christie

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from: Alliance

Audience Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Binding: Audio CD
EAN: 0745099853525
Feature: Alliance
Item Dimensions: 10052554575
Label: Alliance
Languages: EnglishUnknown
Manufacturer: Alliance
Number Of Discs: 2
Number Of Items: 2
Publisher: Alliance
Release Date: June 06, 1995
Studio: Alliance

  • Alliance

Disc 1:
  1. King Arthur: Overture - William Christie
  2. King Arthur: Air - William Christie
  3. King Arthur: First Act: Woden, First To Thee - Chorus
  4. King Arthur: First Act: The White Horse Neigh'd Aloud - Chorus
  5. King Arthur: First Act: The Lot Is Cast, And Tanfan Pleas'd - Veronique Gens
  6. King Arthur: First Act: Brave Souls, To Be Renown'd In Story - Chours
  7. King Arthur: First Act: I Call You All To Woden's Hall - Chorus
  8. King Arthur: First Act: Come If You Dare (Iain Paton) - Chorus
  9. King Arthur: Second Act: Hither, This Way, This Way Bend - Claron McFadden
  10. King Arthur: Second Act: Let Not A Moonborn Elf Mislead Ye - Hither, This Way, This Way Bend - Jonathan Best
  11. King Arthur: Second Act: Come, Follow Me - Mhairi Lawson
  12. King Arthur: Second Act: How Blest Are Shepherds - Chorus
  13. King Arthur: Second Act: Shepherd, Shepherd, Leave Decoying - Veronique Gens
  14. King Arthur: Second Act: Come, Shepherds, Lead Up A Lively Measure - Hornpipe - Chorus
  15. King Arthur: Second Act: Second Act Tune - Air - William Christie
  16. King Arthur: Third Act: Prelude - William Christie
  17. King Arthur: Third Act: What Ho! Thou Genius Of This Isle - Susannah Waters
  18. King Arthur: Third Act: Prelude While The Cold Genius Rises - What Power Art Thou - William Christie
  19. King Arthur: Third Act: Thou Doting Fool - Susannah Waters
  20. King Arthur: Third Act: Great Love, I Know Thee Now - Petteri Salomaa
  21. King Arthur: Third Act: No Part Of My Dominion - Susannah Waters
  22. King Arthur: Third Act: Prelude - William Christie
  23. King Arthur: Third Act: See, See, We Assemble - Dance - Chorus
  24. King Arthur: Third Act: 'Tis I That Have Warm'd Ye; Ritornello - 'Tis Love That Has Warm'd Us - Chorus
  25. King Arthur: Third Act: Sound A Parley - 'Tis Love That Has Warm'd Us - Chorus
  26. King Arthur: Third Act: Third Act Tune: Hornpipe - William Christie
Disc 2:
  1. King Arthur: Fourth Act: Two Daughters Of This Aged Stream Are We - Sandrine Piau
  2. King Arthur: Fourth Act: How Happy The Lover/Ritornello - For Love Every Creature/In Vain Are Our Graces - Chorus
  3. King Arthur: Fourth Act Tune: Air - William Christie
  4. King Arthur: Fifth Act: Trumpet Tune - William Christie
  5. King Arthur: Fifth Act: Ye Blust'ring Brethren Of The Skies - Petteri Salomaa
  6. King Arthur: Fifth Act: Symphony - William Christie
  7. King Arthur: Fifth Act: Round Thy Coast - Chorus
  8. King Arthur: Fifth Act: For Folded Flocks, And Fruitful Plains - Jonathan Best
  9. King Arthur: Fifth Act: Your Hay It Is Mow'd - Jonathan Best
  10. King Arthur: Fifth Act: Fairest Isle - Veronique Gens
  11. King Arthur: Fifth Act: You Say 'Tis Love - Jonathan Best
  12. King Arthur: Fifth Act: Trumpet Tune - Warlike Consort
  13. King Arthur: Fifth Act: Saint George - Chorus
  14. King Arthur: Fifth Act: Our Natives Not Alone Appear - Chorus
  15. King Arthur: Fifth Act: Chaconne - William Christie
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Product Description:
Purcell - King Arthur / Gens, McFadden, Piau, S. Waters, J. Best, Padmore, Paton, Salomaa, Les Arts Florissants, Christie
The Fairy Queen may be the most famous of Purcell's "semi-operas" (spoken dramas with extended musical items incorporated--not to say dropped in), but King Arthur, with text by John Dryden, is undoubtedly the most satisfying. Not only is the music captivating on its own terms, it's unusually well-integrated into the action--for example, one musical scene depicts the heathen Saxons performing a pre- battle ceremony; another shows good spirits guiding King Arthur and his men through a dark swamp while evil spirits try to mislead them. The first three acts have a lot of vivid battle and pastoral music, but the real goodies come on the second disc: the first duet of Act IV, in which seductive sirens Sandrine Piau and Claron McFadden attempt to lure Arthur into a stream ("come, come naked in, for we are so..."), and the masque in Act V in honor of Britannia, which includes (in addition to winning music) a Chamber-of-Commerce-like paean to British products such as fish, wool, and wheat, a rowdy drinking song with some pointed anticlerical sentiment, and the famous song "Fairest isle" (beguilingly sung by Véronique Gens). The multinational cast handles the English text well; other standouts include the marvelous tenor Mark Padmore and bass Petteri Salomaa. This recording was prepared right after Graham Vick's wildly successful production of the full Dryden/Purcell text at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris (the booklet has some impressive photos); not surprisingly, the performances have an extroverted theatrical energy usually missing from concert versions of this music. --Matthew Westphal

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