Metal Record Companies

4tune Records 

Aftermath Music

Armageddon Music

Avantgarde Music 

Barbarian Records 

Barbarian Wrath 

Beowolf Productions 

Bindrune Recordings 

Black Balloon Records  

Black Sheep Records 

Blazing Productions 

Brutal Noise Music 

Bullet in the Face Productions 

Burning Star Records 

Candlelight Records 

Century Media 

Chaotic Goat Records 

Children of the Rusty Shiv 

Copro Records 

Corporate Punishment Records

Dark Lord Productions 

Dark Symphonies 

Dark Valley Records 

Dipsomaniac Records 

Discorporate Music 

Displeased Records 

Earache Records 

Eat Metal Records 

Eclipse Records Corporation 

Ecocentric Records 

EdgeRunner Music 

Excesor Christionorum Records 

Extreme Metal Records 

Fast Kill Records 

Flood The Earth 

Full Moon Productions  

God is Myth Records 

Gun Records

Hammermill Records 

Heaven Ablaze Records 

Hook'n Mouth Records 

Immense Storms Production 

Imphalte Productions 

Intolerant Records 

Karma Records Group 

Leaf Hound Records

Locomotive Records 

Lost Disciple Records 

Mangoneworld Records 

Martyr Music Group Inc 

Meathook Records 

Melancholia Records 

Metal Blade Records


Middle Finger Promotions

Midhir Records 

More Fucking Hate Productions 

Necrofucker Records 

Nightmare Records 

Noise Records 

Noise-Squatch Records 

Northern Silence Productions

Nuclear Blast Records 

Omega Records

Osiris Records 

Osmose Productions 

Peaceville Records 

Pitbully Records 

Pluto Records 

Power Play Records 

Progressive Arts Music 

Prolapse Records 

Razorback Records 

Redrum Records 

Reflections Records

Relapse Records 

Retribute Records 

Retrowrek Records 

Roadrunner Records 

Rock M. Hard Records 


Rotting Corpse Records 

Rusty Cage Records 

Sadistic Echo 

Sevared Records 

Shiver Records 

Sinister Sounds Inc. 

Sonic Age 

Sound Pollution Records 

Sound Riot Records 

Spare Change Records 

Spinefarm Records 

Spinerazor Records

Steel Gallery Records 

Supreme Music Creations 

Swampfoot Records 

Swarm Theory Music 

The End Records 

Thundering Records 

Todestrieb Records 

Unique Leader Records 

Unmatched Records 

V.O.D Music 

Vampire Records 

Versailles Records Inc. 

Vomit Bakery Records

Warner Music Group


Wraith Productions 

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