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City: Moscow
State/Province: Moscow City
Country: Russian Federation
Genre: Metal
Label: Mindcrusher
Times Viewed: 848
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V-2 started accidentally, without any preconditions to that. The initiator was Ruslan "RoosBeast" Maslennikov (Melancholy), - "I wanted to play some different music, broaden my horizons, etc." Initially, the project brought together people from very different musical and life views, as reflected by the material and the rate of movement of the project. After some time members of the group changed.

In 2006, after a few changes to the group, the members include Ivan "Nuch" Tishin (guitar, FOH Melancholy), Anton "Roll" Kazakov (vocals Empty Shell), Alexander "Frost" (drums Biopsyhoz, BarBQ), and Roos doing vocals and guitar. Everyone involved in the work began immediately, practicing and building! Material was written quickly and what we have made is Groove Metal! At the moment, V-2 finished recording the album with a dozen fairly diverse tracks, united by one idea. Metal with an unusual fervor lyrics. "We immediately decided that we do satiric groove-metal". With the motto that the team continues its incredible musical journey.

Name: Roll
Sign: Capricorn
Favorite Music: Thrash and groove-metal for life and industrial ambient for work
Past time: sketching, reading, web-surfing, knowing something new
Peeve: silly straightforwardness and categoricity
People who do not like my music, I think of them as: hey, tell me why?
Favorite place on earth: home

Name: Roos Beast
Sign: Lion
Favorite Music: V2, Pantera, Metallica, Anthrax and more
Favorite Pastime: sex, if not sex than playing guitar, bodybuilding
Peeve: I really don't like non-professionals
People who do not like my music, I think of them as: I don't believe that there are such people
Favorite place on earth: The Studio

Name: Nuch
Sign: Libra
Favorite Music: Rock!
Favorite Pastime: Playing Music, Thinking, Reading
Peeve: When i see no public before me.
People who do not like my music, I think of them as: Don't know why? They have no ears?
Favorite place on earth: The road between the different places.

Name: Alex
Sign: Sagittarius
Favorite Music: metal, rock, jazz, classical
Favorite Pastime: Bass playing in V-2,theatre,cycling,books
Peeve: Indifferent people, injustice, racism, dullness of people
People who do not like my music, I think of them as: It..s their business, but people, who heard-they in delight of our music
Favorite place on earth: Moscow City

Name: Frost
Sign: Aquarius
Favorite Music: D&B, experimental, metal.
Favorite Pastime: Creating music, videos, some stuff, etc.
Peeve: Society, imagine that.
People who do not like my music, I think of them as: It's their own problems, tastes differ.
Favorite place on earth: everywhere out of everyone.

на данный момент коллектив закрылся в студии для записи англо-язычного альбома
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