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City: Helsinki
State/Province: Uusimaa
Country: Finland
Genre: Gothica / Metal
Label: Low Frequency Records
Times Viewed: 951
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Druid metal is music that transforms the world of primeval nature mysticism in to melodic symphonic metal.

Finnish druid metal quintette UNSHINE has now offered their ancient receipt of celtic metal and (despite of their name) have become one of the shining new stars in their northern home country.

In the very beginning of their career, after the self-release of their 1st demo, the band was invited to European-wide pop-contest in Bilbao, Spain. Soon (in 2005), the band signed a record deal with Low Frequency Records. The debut album, Earth Magick, was released both in Europe and in North America. Even though the whole thing was self-recorded and produced, it gained a lot of attention among the modern metal society.

After the debut album, band spent two and half years working on their second album, The Enigma Of Immortals. While the composing and arranging of the album took two years, the recordings and mixing were done in D-studio in Klaukkala, between April and October, 2007. The album was mastered by Svante Forsb?ck at Chartmakers in Helsinki.

After the release of of the album, band gained official chart positions in Finland and the album was released later all around the world. The songs of the album received airplay even in Bruce Dickinson's BBC Friday Rock Show.

The Enigma Of Immortals is a meditative course through our past, from the dark and greedy ancient kings to the dwellings of old world clairvoyants and ultimately to the celebration of the innocent life of the smallest nature dwellers.

Druids had the gift and the responsibility of interpreting the nature and the universal mysteries to their folks. They literally walked between the worlds. We feel that this is our destiny, too. Imagine us as modern metal bards, states the band (not forgetting a smile behind this).
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