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City: Schwarzenfeld
State/Province: Bavaria
Country: Germany
Genre: Metal
Label: Lifeforce
Times Viewed: 745
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DEADLOCKs "Manifesto" brilliantly builds upon their signature paths of guitar mastery and beautifully sung passages of bliss intertwined with agonizing growls of defeat to expand on the bands highly diverse metallic palette by adding more expansive elements to their extreme yet progressive-metal sound. On one hand, it is traditional and technically experienced, just like their label-debut "Earth.Revolt" and on the other hand it is as catchy and listenable as their second full length "Wolves." Within its melancholy and dark undertones of picking out mankinds gorging and exploitation of animals as a conceptual storyline, there is still a positive outlook to the world that was not been present in past recordings. Being their third full length album for LIFEFORCE RECORDS, DEADLOCKs intensive and emotional "Manifesto" is technically challenging and just as excellent if not more so than their previous efforts. While offering innovative orchestral arrangements as well as melodic and technical lead guitar-assaults, the German metallers find virtuous keyboards/electronics and Sabine Wenigers beautiful vocals as essential contributions to their specific sound. "Manifesto" convinces with flawless playing and a stellar production done by guitar player Sebastian Reichl, while Jacob Hansen (Mercenary, Volbeat, Heaven Shall Burn) took care of mixing/mastering. With "Manifesto", DEADLOCK is out to make a DIFFERENCE!

Being around since 1997, DEADLOCK evolved slowly but consistently. After finding a solid line-up, the band started to include clean female vocals and atmospheric keyboards to their songs. Vocalist and keyboard-player Sabine Weniger became a full time member of the group right after the release of the LIFEFORCE-debut "Earth.Revolt" in 2005. Her impact led to a more subtile and DIFFERENT edge to the sound that DEADLOCK is known for today. "Wolves" saw the sextet earning euphoric reactions by both - listeners and press - that will increase with 2008s "Manifesto".


Line up:
Sabine Weniger - Vocals
Johannes Prem - Vocals
Tobias Graf - Drums
John Gahlert - Bass
Gert Rymen - Guitar
Sebastian Reichl - Guitar
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