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Architects Uk
City: Brighton
Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Metal / Hardcore / Screamo
Label: Century Media
Times Viewed: 799
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?Absolutely bloody gargantuan? - Kerrang!
?A startlingly confident level of finesse and ferocity? - Terrorizer
?Our brightest hopes; a blueprint for the future of metal? - Front
?How and when did they get so good?? - Kerrang!

Since their formation in late 2004, Brighton, England quintet ARCHITECTS have been on a continual ascendancy from the depths of the UK?s metal and hardcore underground to leaders of the scene.

Writing, recording and releasing their debut album ?Nightmares? while the members were only 17 years old, Architects? blend of technical metal, melodic hardcore and thundering grooves quickly captured national attention, their ferociously tight and energetic live performances only further proof that this band was destined for great things.

Within a year of ?Nightmares? release via In At The Deep End Records (Gallows), Architects had toured the UK and Europe alongside the likes of Sikth, Beecher and The Chariot, performed a live session for Radio One, signed a Canadian deal with Distort Entertainment (Alexisonfire, Cancer Bats) and completed work on what would become their sophomore album.

At this point, Architects was a band with such momentum that even the departure of original vocalist Matt Johnson could not slow them down. Securing replacement frontman Sam Carter in record time, Architects unveiled their second album ?Ruin? in June 2007 to critical acclaim across the board, Carter?s dynamic combination of feral intensity with a melodic range perfectly matching the album?s expanded and progressive musical horizons.

Voted as one of the best albums of the year by Radio One, ?Ruin? proved to be the band?s breakthrough effort, securing Architects a position at the top of the UK metal and hardcore community. In support of the album?s release via United By Fate/ Distort, Architects performed at the prestigious Download Festival at Donington Park, clocked up a rare second live session for Radio One and hit the road once again alongside the likes of Bring Me The Horizon, As I Lay Dying, The Red Chord, Gallows and Enter Shikari, trekking relentlessly across the UK, Europe and Canada.

At the beginning of 2008, Architects unveiled two stunning new tracks as part of a split E.P with fellow Brightonians Dead Swans and secured a worldwide deal with Century Media Records (Arch Enemy, Sick Of It All, Cryptopsy, Strapping Young Lad), which marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in their story. The prolific quintet are all set to record their third full length in July 2008, with a worldwide release planned for early next year. Meanwhile, an enhanced edition of ?Ruin? will be released via Century Media in mainland Europe on July 21st and North America on August 5th.

Hugely ambitious, hard working and at the top of their game, the year ahead will surely see Architects making waves the world over.

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