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City: Waregem
Country: Belgium
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Century Media
Times Viewed: 790
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Embodying a new line up and return to the roots for death metal butchers ABORTED, what can be stronger than words if not sounds and visuals? For this reason these deranged maniacs hit the studio winter 2009 to record one of the most extreme, brutal records in their career yet adding some clear modern touches to the root sound. Coronary Reconstruction is a monument in the bands history, setting the record straight once and for all what its all about. THE GORE IS BACK!!!

Drummer Dirk Verbeuren (Soilwork), enlisted as session drummer on Goremageddon and The Haematobic EP and helped to sculpt the bands undeniable style returns, this time as a full time member, to annihilate everything like a crazed lunatic on amphetamines, New guitarists Eran Segal and Ken Sorceron (Abigail Williams) shred the razor wire like acrobats and return the raw agressive edge mixed with crazy leads and frantic melodies the band got known for while bassplayer Jb Vd Wal (Dr Doom) adds his blend of low end chaos to the mix. De Caluwe delivers his typical ABORTED vocal butchery whilst adding the guttural touch which strayed from the bands last few records.

Blood drenched artwork has been provided by Justin Osbourn from Slasher design, fitting the retro/b-horror movie vibe the band wanted to get to perfection. Sharpen your scalpels and grind your saws people: This is it, ABORTED is back 666% in full strength and will not stop till all of you are dead! Be the judge for yourself and check the band as they will be crushing stages this april/may in europe on a co-headline run with THE RED CHORD and ROTTEN SOUND on the MACHINES OF GRIND tour!!! You will be begging for seconds!

The band was originally founded in 1995 by vocalist Sven(cho) De Caluwe and went through various incarnations, releasing over 6 full length albums and several EP?s, split releases and a DVD. This is a testimony of 15 years of dedication to the extreme, and it is far from being over, support your local cannibal commando and see you in the pit!!

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