Reckless Tide
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Reckless Tide
City: Hannover
State/Province: Nordheim
Country: Germany
Genre: Thrash
Label: Armageddon Music
Times Viewed: 773
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Thrash, incorperating the best of traditional and modern elements, combining neck-breaking riffs and melodic hooklines.

Since their formation in 2002 RECKLESS TIDE have established themselves as a firmly magnitude. After recieving high praise from the press and fans for the debut album Repent Or Seal Your Fate and the international success of their second album Helleraser the band is working now on their third compilation. Live experiences in Germany and abroad (Wacken Open Air, Bloodstock Festival, Helleraser European Tour 2007) have made Reckless Tide into what they are  one of the greatest hopes of the German Thrash."

2002 / 2003
Already in October of 2002 the first EP Insanity Or Reality" was produced in the Absurd Studio Hamburg, followed in May 2003 by the promo CD 7 Minutes Of Thrash, which was demonstrably influential for the bands further career. With this material and the positive reactions from the press the first show organizers could be convinced of RECKLESS TIDE.

Besides the upcomming live-activities the band concentrated on reaching as wide a public as possible. For this reason the online presence was expanded into a platform for Thrash fans. Entertaining live reports and the presentation of forgotten Thrash- and artwork gems attracted up to 50,000 metalheadz monthly to .

In May 2004, the band welcomed ANNIHILATOR from Canada. For a few weeks, the boys and girl shared their rehearsal room with Jeff Waters and his guys, who were preparing for their tour with Judas Priest. RECKLESS TIDE seized the opportunity to get a few tips straight from the source.

The bands reputation as an energy-filled live act was confirmed during the Metal Battle at Wacken Open Air 2004. After taking the first place and thus winning a record deal with Armageddon Music, RECKLESS TIDE were ready to record their debut Repent Or Seal Your Fate". Andy Classen could be won for mastering, and guest star Jeff Warers (Annihilator), Curran Murphy (Annihilator, Nevermore) andSabina Classen (Holy Moses) rounded off the album.

The debut was released as a Digipack including a one-hour DVD featuring the performance at Wacken 2004, the Wacken metal quiz (Olli vs. Gtz of Rock Hard), a studio report and a short tour diary. Several activities sweetened the waiting during the countdown to the release. A graphic advent calendar, which was disclosing the secret of the cover artwork in 24 steps, could be found on the home page than.

Additionally, the band breathed life into their mascot, the piranha, by taking on a sponsorship for it. Under the heading "Quick and biting: Like the music so the mascot" newspapers and radio stations reported on this "quaint" sponsorship.

With a funny radio commercial RECKLESS TIDE welcomed their first official album Repent Or Seal Your Fate" in February 2005. The corresponding release party exceeded all expectations: 7 bands (e.g. Holy Moses) and more than 400 guests celebrated with the band and relegated the thoughts of the freezing temperatures outside of the hall.

Shortly after the Wacken Metal Battle Tour started through the whole of Germany and culminated in a repeated demonstration of RECKLESS TIDEs abilities on the Wacken stage in August - the highlight of the year; and were greeted by cheering fans. In addition, the videoclip to their song "The Hunt" was on rotation on the video screen at W:O:A and was subsequently played all over Europe in several music TV shows.

In September a further important step in the band history was made. RECKLESS TIDE opened the main stage at the Bloodstock Festival UK (one of the biggest festivals in England) and played their way into the hearts of several thousand metal fans.

At the end of the year, Reckless Tide supported Jeff Waters ANNIHILATOR KILLER CONTEST and donated some of their CDs and band t-shirts for prizes.

Once again the band was invited to play at the Wacken Open Air. This time they had the opportunity to present the first new songs for their second official album Helleraser" in a special showcase for the media.

A next big step was made in August when their debut Repent Or Seal Your Fate" finally made it to the USA and could be found there in the stores there, released by Locomotive Records.

After their highly praised debut, RECKLESS TIDE released their second album Helleraser" in October. Reputable guest musicians could be won again for the production: Hendrik Bache (Dew Scented) and guitar-ace Jeff Waters (Annihilator). This album boosted interest in the band, resulting in more interview requests and, as the cherry on the cake, the bands first cover story (in the Turkish magazine Rock Station).

In the spring of 2007, RECKLESS TIDE started their first European tour. With 20 show dates the "Helleraser European Tour 2007" led the band through Germany, the Netherlands, England, Switzerland and Italy. Thrash fans from all over Europe, travels strains with never-ending serpentines and exciting gigs made this experience into an important cornerstone for the future.

Due to their convincing live performances, the band was invited to the S-Hammer Festival in Naples (I) in June and the Martohell Festival in Barcelona (ESP) in October, where they could gain lots of new enthusiastic fans.
In the summer, their second album "Helleraser" was also released in the US by Locomotive Records, ensuring a rising degree of popularity.

RECKLESS TIDE played the first time in Lithuania. At the beginning of the year, the band started the songwriting for their third album. A particular big support was when they got their first endorsements of Manne Guitars and Marshall. Furthermore RECKLESS TIDE published their second video-clip for Kleemhendebte of their current album Helleraser which provides continuing entertainment value and is constant attracting international interest.

The new song ideas will be finalized and sound checks for the new album will be done. Moreover RECKLESS TIDE got further support of several endorsements for the drumming. Additionally another video clip is being worked on and will be finished in the coming months. These will be also the start for the new album and Friends of thrash can look forward to a new album with a measure of both seriousness and humor.
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