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City: Atlanta
State/Province: Georgia
Country: United States
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Century Media
Times Viewed: 903
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Extreme metal at its very best, plain and simple, is what the Atlanta based quintet D??TH delivers on their much anticipated new album, ?The Concealers?. The dueling guitar virtuosity of Emil Werstler and Eyal Levi harkens many comparisons to Mustaine and Friedman, all the while the acclaimed Kevin Talley (ex-Chimaira, ex-Dying Fetus, ex Misery Index) pounds away with fury and precision and bassist Jeremy Creamer provides a powerful groove. The band?s current line-up is completed by new singer Sean Z who performs an extraordinary job on ?The Concealers? and leaves no doubt that he perfectly fits to the band?s uncompromising, dynamic sound.

?The Concealers? was produced and mixed by Jason Suecof and Mark Lewis (Trivium, All That Remains, Devildriver) and offers unparalleled musicianship combined with captivating songwriting and murderous impact.

The band is the brain child of guitarist Levi and shot to the forefront of the metal world with the 2007 release of ?The Hinderers?. The band built a worldwide following by touring with the likes of Job For A Cowboy, Devildriver, Unearth, Despised Icon and others while also taking part in the 2007 edition of Ozzfest. Afterwards the band underwent some healthy lineup changes and approached the recordings of ?The Concealers? more focused than ever before.

Levi further states: ?In my opinion this is the first true D??TH record. I think it?s amazing. Any preconceived notions you may have about our band will be destroyed. We came together on this like one five headed, pissed off beast that?s out for blood. Everyone?s strengths shine like never before. It?s the best I?ve ever written and played and it?s the best I?ve ever heard my bandmates write and play. I hope you enjoy the hell out of it and look forward to seeing you on the road!?

Uniting the aggressiveness of classic American death metal with a modern metal twist, unrivalled musicianship and catchiness to equal parts, D??TH are well prepared to gather legions of new fans worldwide ? with sharpened blades at hand this band is destined to become the genre?s most efficient sonic killing machine!

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