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Country: Germany
Genre: Metal
Label: Century Media
Times Viewed: 655
Iconoclasts are warriors who are sent to judge and destroy the murderers of God. God is dead, the only thing thats left is to take revenge for his murder, states Maik Weichert (guitars) about the initial story of the Iconoclasts. The album works on two different levels: Each song tells a story that is rooted in reality. However, all songs are linked with an overall story about a cast of warriors called Iconoclasts.

After co-headlining the Hell On Earth festival tour with As I Lay Dying the year before in support of the acclaimed album Antigone Germanys HEAVEN SHALL BURN started the campaign for Deaf To Our Prayers by touring Europe on the tours second instalment with the likes of label-mates God Forbid and Maroon before joining the Spirit tour together with their friends in Caliban. Not to mention sharing unforgettable moments at With Full Force and Summerbreeze Festival in 2006 as well as the Rock Hard Festival and Wacken Open Air 2007 they felt a creative rush from the amazing reactions at the aforementioned shows. The support of the fans gave us such a push that we just had to write songs pretty much every time we met for rehearsals. We just couldnt wait another 2 years to release the next album.

Iconoclast (Part1: The Final Resistance) was recorded and produced at Rape Of Harmonies Studios again by guitarists Maik Weichert and Alexander Dietz while being co-produced by Patrick W. Engel and Ralf M?ller. Heaven Shall Burn then went back to Tue Madsen to have Iconoclast mixed and mastered. We wanted a rougher, grittier and overall more authentic sound for this album, explains Maik. The moment we heard the first test-mix it just felt right to work with Tue again on this project.

HEAVEN SHALL BURN have been built upon friendship between its individuals - no matter how different they are. Whoever can tell which song former guitarist Patrick Schleitzer threw in some back-up vocals deserves credit. Artist extraordinaire Bastian Sobtzick an up and coming visionary for cutting edge art (War From A Harlots Mouth) created the artwork for Iconoclast.

As with their previous records HEAVEN SHALL BURN are not solely about intense and heavy music, but they are lyrically exposing a dedicated, socially aware and politically committed attitude. In todays music scene of all style and no substance, HEAVEN SHALL BURN showcase that they are the antithesis of that and in return, offer a genuine and sincere take on metallic hardcore that is become a clich? of itself. Thus, educate yourselves about the story of Iconoclast by checking out the CD enhancement.
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