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City: Trondheim
State/Province: Trondheim Region
Country: Norway
Genre: Nordic
Label: Tabu Recordings
Times Viewed: 705
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Norwegian folk rock ensemble, LUMSK return with an explosive musical concoction this year - "Det Vilde Kor". Written entirely by pianist Espen W. God?, "Det Vilde Kor" is a grand symphony celebrating author Knut Hamsun's homonymous poem collection. "There is a lot of musicality in the poems," enthuses guitarist, Eystein Garberg. "So, to intonate them has been a grateful task. It is all about strengthening the atmosphere in each and every poem through our music. We set our standards high when we chose to put music to such a highly regarded author but we feel we have done it right."

Though featuring the LUMSK musical trademark, with extra assistance provided by a string quartet, backing vocalists, clarinet, oboe, flugelhorn and accordion, "Det Vilde Kor" is a more melodious and ambitious masterpiece than what the Trondheim posse has ever crafted before. Always hard-working and ambitious, the band was onto their next venture of plotting their next album's direction right after "Troll" was released. "I borrowed one of Knut Hamsun's collections when we were looking for lyrics material after "Troll"," Eystein continues. "I read "Markens Gr?de" but simultaneously took a glimpse at the poems collection in the same book. "Det Vilde Kor" was unknown to me but after a quick glimpse I knew straight away this would make up the lyrics of the next LUMSK album! The subject matter is similar to what we have done in the past and to be allowed to present lyrical content of this kind to a new audience is great for us."

A collaboration with renown male vocalist, Ola Bremnes on single, "Om Hundrede Aar Er Alting glemt" soon followed. " We decided early to get a male vocalist in to sing on "Om hundrede Aar er Alting glemt", quips vocalist Stine Mari Langstrand. "I know Ola personally and have heard a lot of the stuff he's done in the past. He has a voice that provides a nice contrast to mine so I was sure that he would be perfect. Ola is a genuinely special artist with a unique way to express himself lyrically."

Bremnes himself had no hesitation when it came to accepting the job at hand. "I am impressed at how grandly this band works," he offered. "It was fun to be a part of the recording process. They approach Hamsun in a refreshing way. I must admit, I think it's really cool."
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