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City: Warsaw
Country: Poland
Genre: Gothic
Label: Mystic Production
Times Viewed: 1123
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Originally formed under the moniker Unseen, the dynamic four piece around Polish guitar maestro Maurycy Stefanowicz ?Mauser? (ex-Vader, Dies Irae, Christ Agony) finally decided that something incorporating day and night, light and darkness would suit them best. A label for their music which is melancholic and a little dark at times, yet catchy at the same time. Something that would put a name to the bitter-sweet twist of Annelyse Stefanowicz?s ?Aya? highly melodic vocals topping the driving force of the underlying guitar riffs. This unique mix easily made Unsun?s debut album ?The End Of Life? one of the most promising releases of 2008.

Consolidated by the sheer passion to play intense music, Mauser and Aya knew upon their first rehearsals that it was their destiny to create music together. Right from this supernova it was clear that Unsun was not supposed to be just another side-project for Mauser, but his personal way of exploring new music. Thus, he and Aya started looking for other exceptional musicians to make Unsun a full-time band. Very soon Wawrzyniec Dramowicz ?Vaaver? from Indukti and Filip Hałucha ?Heinrich?, who also plays bass in Vesania, teamed up with Mauser and Aya to form the high profile band they are today. During ice cold winter days at the end of 2006 they entered the studio to record their first demo ?Whispers?. It didn?t take long until Unsun caught the attention of various labels throughout Europe and in 2007 they finally signed a deal with Century Media for the release of ?The End Of Life? year after. Unsun recorded professional video for the song ?Whispers?, which immediately caught attention of both fans and media giving the band over 3 mln views of this video on YouTube.

To promote their debut album, Unsun played at some important summer festivals in 2009 ? Wave Gotik Treffen, Summer Breeze and Metal Female Voices Fest, and toured in their home country with Black River and Votum. Spring 2010 was a hardworking time for Unsun, who recorded their second album which will be released worldwide by Mystic Production in autumn 2010.

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